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With Add2Cart 2.0, you will be able to add your own products to your IAQ and to your Accessories (Rows 3 and 4). Click here for a first look at the website that we are building to help you make that happen.

Welcome to 21st Century Sales - with Add2Cart!

Best sales tool I have ever bought! I am 3 for 3 on this program. [Even when some] people are rather reluctant to do this, once I explain how it works and what it does, and then when they see the bottom line, and then when they change features and see the price change, you should see their reaction to it! Everyone that I have sold so far has been over 60 years old. Bob H.

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Absolutely the best sales tool you can give your Comfort Advisors

A sales tool your customers will love!

Add2Cart will make your Comfort Advisors much more effective, because:

  • • It helps them relate to customers in an entirely new way
  • • It forces them to follow a proven sales procedure
  • • It matches your sales presentation to your customer's expectations
  • • It allows you to quickly adapt to changing customer input
  • • It creates a proposal that is custom-made for each customer
  • • It puts your full IAQ/Accessory lineup in front of every customer


By the end of next year, your competition is going to be using Add2Cart at the kitchen table to sell to customers on their terms. You can choose whether to buy it now, at the introductory price, and reap the rewards from using it this year (and also increase your closing ratios by 10-20%), or you can choose to wait - and play catchup ball next year.

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